Summer Fun

Kirby Surfing
Kirby Sunbathing
Spring is winding down. Need a great summer vacation idea? Pack your humans and your surfboard and head to San Diego. Catch the beautiful waves of Southern California and enter the Loews Coronado Bay Resort’s Dog Surf Festival. It’s not too late to enter and if you’re new to the sport, the Loews Resort even offers doggie surf lessons.

Saturday, June 16, 2012
Dunes Park/Beach
700 Seacoast Drive
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

I Love My Family — But Really!

Though I am a Golden Retriever, a family dog by nature, sometimes hanging out with the kids goes a little too far. Personally, I love it when we pretend to be Payton Manning, Roger Federer, or Lionel Messi, after all anything with a ball works for me.

But princesses? — Sometimes my humans go a bit too far.

Send me some of your most embarrassing photos.

The Best Gift A Dog Could Ask For!

My birthday was just a few days ago. It was actually, Friday, October 29th and I turned 5. Even though my birthday is close to Halloween, my humans always find time to make sure I have a birthday celebration. They sang happy birthday to me and gave me some real good crunchy munchie bones – my favorite.

My little humans even wrote a special song for me – it’s awesome.

What are some of your favorite birthday presents that you have received?

Where’s the Love?

I want to remind you that October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month. Remember to visit your local animal shelter and make a new best friend.

Here’s local shelter information:

California Retrievers & Friends of Southern California 951.696.2428
Florida St. Augustine Humane Society 904.829.2737
Illinois PAWS Chicago 773.549.PAWS
New Jersey St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center 973.337.2295
New York Stray from the Heart 212.726.DOGS
Texas Humane Society of North Texas 817.332.4768


Summer just flew by. But my tail’s been wagging with delight at the thought of football season. Unfortunately the Jets started off with a not so happy 1st loss last Monday night. Their defense looked great. But clearly their offense was chasing their tail. They couldn’t get things going. If I was being paid $46 million dollars over 4 years, like Darrelle Revis, that pigskin would be safely in my jowls and I’d be in that end zone more times then I take a nap during the day. After all, $46 million dollars buys a lot of dog chow!

Kirby can run with the ball.

There are a couple of good ideas to make the season more enjoyable, win or lose. Tailgating can be a big hit for fans big and small.

Oh Where, Oh Where, Have I Been?

Where has Kirby been?

Sorry that I’ve been out of site for a while. My allergies have been killing me. I’ve been suffering from spring straight through the summer. My paws have been extremely red and itchy as well as my eyes. This has made it difficult for me to type and view the computer screen. My humans have been giving me BENADRYL® as prescribed by my vet Dr. Darren. I like Dr. Darren. He is a nice guy that cares for his patients. He always greets me…..”Hi there Kirbster!”, and gives me big scratches behind my ears. He has taught me that I am not alone in my suffering. Dogs can suffer from 5 kinds of allergies:

  • Contact – such as; contact with plants, medications, chemicals
  • Flea – Caused by flea bites, specifically the saliva of the flea.
  • Food — Food sensitivity showing up as flatulence, stomach problems, vomiting, intestinal problems and diarrhea, often accompanied by an ear infection.
  • Bacterial — Staphylococcus (Staph) is a bacterium found on normal dog’s skin. If the skin is normal and the dog’s immune system is normal, Staph causes no problems. However, some dogs develop an allergy to this bacterium.
  • Inhalant – most common type of allergy in dogs such as; pollens, dander, grasses, trees, and fabrics; any airborne particle

Have your human check with your vet. There are over-the-counter and prescription medications that your vet can prescribe to offer you some relief.

Good luck and happy itching.

Stanley Cup in Reach

The New York Rangers are fighting for a spot in the playoffs. They had a rough start to their season. They have been coming back, and won’t give up. They just won their last 4 out of 5 games and need to win more games. It’s coming down to the final stretch and it’s anyone’s game.

Currently the New Jersey Devils are first in the Atlantic Division and the Washington Capitols are first in the NHL. Only the first 9 teams in the NHL will go to the playoffs. Tomorrow’s game will be pivotal for the New York Rangers. If they loose they’re out of the playoffs. If they win they’ll have a chance to play for the Stanley Cup.

In tomorrow’s game, the Rangers take on the Buffalo Sabres. The Rangers have 36 wins and 32 losses and are led by Henrik Lundqvist and Chris Drury. The Sabres are first in the Northeast Division with 43 wins and 25 losses. Their goalie, Ryan Miller, is very entertaining. He makes saves with a flare. This game will be exciting. The race to the Stanley Cup will begin!